Common Questions

-How often do I need a smog?
Once a year before you are able to register your car.

-Who needs a smog?
In Nevada, only Washoe and Clark counties need to smog their cars. Any county in Nevada that has over 100,000 people living in it needs a smog program. Currently Washoe and Clark are the only county that fit that criteria.

-What causes a car to fail smog?
On any vehicle 1996 or new what causes a vehicle to fail smog is it's check engine light or visible smoke. 1995 and older vehicles get an emissions test, if the vehicle standards are higher than the state standards the vehicle fails. The standards range depending on year.

-How long does a smog check take?
Tests should take 5 minutes or less.

-What is the first model year a vehicle needs a smog
The first model year that needs to be smogged is 1968